Fam. v.d. Bruggen, Goirle
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KWPN, NRPS, AES, Westf., Hann., BH, ZANG
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Pedigree :

Heartbreaker (Preferent)  Nimmerdor (Preferent) 
Bacarole (Ster) 
Larthago (Preferent, Prestatie, Sport-(Spr.))  Carthago Z 
Daisy IV 

Documents :

Harley, J. Kuerten

Harley’s pedigree is among the best for sport and breeding. His sire line contains three international jumping stallions in a row: Heartbreaker, Carthago and Caletto I.

Dam Larthago won several 1.40m and 1.50m classes. Larthago is also mother of three other approved stallions Cevin Z (AES Approved and 1.50m jumper), Casago (KWPN approved) and Dimitri Z (Zangersheide approved and 1.40m jumper). And she also brought the 1.50m jumpers Hopes Are High Z, Soren Z and the 1.45m jumper, Uncle Sam.


Harley VDL has been highly successful at international level with Jessica Kürten. In the Grand Prix of Sainte Cecile he finished 2nd, then took 3rd in the Grand Prix of Neurenberg. He also won international classes in La Coruña, Aalst and Outdoor Gelderland. In Den Bosch, Harley was victorious in the prestigious VHO Trophy. In addition, he was crowned Champion in the 1.30m/1.35m Stallion Competition and was placed 3rd in the 1.45m of La Coruña, 4th in another 1.45m of La Coruña, 6th in a 1.45m class in La Coruña, 6th in the 1.45m of Paris, 7th in the 1.50m of Paris, 10th in the 1.50m of Stockholm etc. As a 7-year old Harley won the stallion competition class Z / ZZ.


Harley's offspring have achieved many successes at the international level. Descendants such as Charly Chaplin S (Darragh Kenny and Kerry McCahill), Constable II (Laura Kraut), Doloris (Santiago Lambre), Camelot (Kevin Beerse), Davidson (Callan Solem) and Arlando (Roelof Bril) jump at international 1.60m level. In 2018 there was a third place for Davidson in the WEF Challenge Cup in Wellington and this former Dutch champion in the 7-yr-olds also finished fourth in the Grand Prix of Saugerties.

Harley has been awarded ‘Preferent’ by the KWPN and the NRPS thanks to the outstanding performances of his offspring in the international sport.

Harley has several approved sons, approved for the KWPN were Jenssen VDL and Justice HL became ex-aequo champion of the performance test in the spring and Jubel ES was the performance champion of the autumn test. In addition, in 2018 his son Karaldo became reserve champion at the KWPN and champion at the NRPS and his son Karim was also approved by Zangersheide.

Notable offsprings in sport:
Edesa's Early – 7th place in the Abu Dhabi GP
Elana – 1st Grand Prix of Palm Beach and was 6th in the Williamsburg GP
Harley David - finished 2nd in Tryon's Welcome Stakes
Harley – 2nd in the Grand Prix ​​of Rabat
Charly Chaplin S - 6th in the GP Wellington, 7th in the GCT GP of Shanghai and 8th in the GP Rotterdam
Doloris - won 5 international classes including the GP Williamsburg
Arlando - 6th in the GPs of Arnhem, Eindhoven and Gijon,
Baptista - won the GP Sao Paulo
Earley - 4th in the GP Samorin, World Champion in 2014 as a 5-year old and in 2015 as a 6-year old
Camelot - 8th in the GP Moorsele and 9th in the GP Lier
Earley HB - won the GPs of St Lô and Ciekocinko,
G & C Wolf - won a class for 7-year olds in Aaken and was 2nd in Valkenswaard and Chantilly.
Davidson VDL - Dutch Champion of the 7-year olds

Harley’s offspring at auctions, mare inspections and foals:
VDL Dorusino - sold for $195,000 at the WEF Sport Horse Auction 2015
Famous - for €115,000 in the Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2015
Jurançon - sold for €29,000 at Foal Auction Borculo
Constable II - sold for €165,000 at the Dutch Sport Horse Sales 2012
Cupido - sold in that same auction for €200,000.
Kalimero D - who won the championship title at the National Mare Inspection.
Jeetjemina – 5th place of the national mare selection
Jacaranda D – 6th place of the national mare selection, 90 points for free jumping, champion of CK Friesland
Jade - champion of the CK Flevoland.
Norton – 5th in the National Foal Inspection 2018
Narcos T - best stallion foal of the Central Inspection of Friesland.
In 2017 Moonlight D - 3rd in the final of the national foal inspection and was reserve champion of the CK Groningen.
Magnifico Eickenrode - champion of the horse breeding day Veluwe and Vallei.
Miriaantje - champion of the CK Noord-Holland
Marley SMH - reserve champion of the CK Friesland.

Harley: sire of outstanding show jumpers


Harley, J. Kuerten
Harley, J. Kuerten
Harley stand


Pictures offspring

Davidson, A. Matz (USA), 2020
Camelot, K. Beerse (Ned), 2020
Kalimero D
Karaldo and Sjoerd Kommers
Fabulous and Doron Kuipers
Felicia and Giovanni Consorti Bagnaia
Jeetjemina, reserve kampioen Nationaal Kampioenschap 3-jarige springmerries 2017
Moonlight D 2017
Doloris, S. Lambre (Mex)
Charly Chaplin S, K. Mc Cahill (USA)
Harley's Hero VT, G. Puck (Aut)
Hidalgo, G. Supappo (ITA)
Constable II, L. Kraut (USA)
Cenzo, C. Swail (IRL)
Earley, Q. Judge (USA)
Baptista, T.A.H. de Mesquita (BRA)
Harley S, P.L. Cordon (SPA)
Evert O, D. Kuipers (NED)
Dorusino, C Solem (USA)
Arlando, R. Bril (NLD)
Elana, P. Barrios (VEN)
Eyecatcher, M. Tromp (GER)
Harley David, S. Parot (CHL)
Heartbreaker (Preferent)  Nimmerdor (Preferent)  Farn (Preferent)  Fax I 
Ramonaa  Koridon xx 
Friedhilde II B 
Bacarole (Ster)  Silvano  Le Mexico 
Marion (Ster, Preferent, Prestatie) 
Orchidee (Keur, Preferent)  Uppercut xx 
Cleopatra (Keur, Preferent) 
Larthago (Preferent, Prestatie, Sport-(Spr.))  Carthago Z  Capitol I  Capitano 
Perra  Calando I 
Daisy IV  Caletto I  Cor de la Bryere 
Odrina  Locarno 

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