Pedigree :

~ Predicate 'Ster'
~ Drachtig van Douglas VDL
~ Sister of the international 1.60m jumper  Darosso VDL
~ Grandmother Lely jumped at 1.40m level

Great-grandmother is the ‘Preferent and Prestatie’ mare Aziemieka, one of the best broodmares of the Netherlands, whose offspring include the international jumping and approved stallions - Everest, Glennridge and Arkansas. Azemieka’s performance children are the international jumpers Lely, North Gammon and Jezetro. Besides that Aziemieka is motehr of the  European Champion Helena, who is dam of the Grand Prix jumper Southwind VDL and the 1.55m jumper Anderson VDL. From the Aziemieka–line come a lot of sporthorses and approved stallions,  for example: Celena VDL,  Bugatti VDL, Pan Am VDL, Dendence VDL, Freeman VDL and many more.



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