Which stallion best suits your mare?

BEARS - It is quite difficult to choose from the wide range of stallions. Which stallion really suits your mare (s) best? Which characteristics need to be compensated and which ones need to be strengthened?

Under normal circumstances, we are also happy to come to your location to view your mare and provide you with appropriate breeding advice. Unfortunately, the facts are now slightly different and as far as possible remote work must be done in order to stop the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreading further.
We would like you to call us or contact us online, in order to find a suitable and successful match between your mare and one of the top stallions of the VDL Stud.

This can be done perfectly by telephone or e-mail. You can send a copy of the pedigree of your mare and any photos and videos by e-mail. Perhaps you have already made a list of your own stallions. Please let us know so that we can further advise you on the most optimal choice.

Telephone contact: call +31 (0) 58 2519473
Email: info@vdlstud.com

Watch our VDL Stallion show online at Clipmyhorse.tv, April 4th 19:30h (MET, GMT +1)!

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