I Like v / h Heerenhuijs and Jiniki (v. Dallas VDL) both unbeatable

KRONENBERG - I Like v/h Heerenhuijs (by Dallas VDL x Indoctro) and Doron Kuipers (NED) have claimed victory in the 1.30m level in Kronenberg (NED). Jiniki (by Dallas VDL x Cantos) and Hans-Dieter Dreher (GER) won the 1.35m in Gorla Minore (ITA).

In February, I Like v/h Heerenhuijs was active in Vejer de la Frontera and also achieved several excellent classifications there, such as first and second in the 1.30m and twice third in the 1.35m.
Last year I Like v / h Heerenhuijs and Doron Kuipers won the Grand Prix of Kronenberg.

Linked horses

Dallas VDL

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