Incanto VDL (Kannan x Indoctro) Second in CSI2* Grand Prix in Zuidwolde

ZUIDWOLDE - During the exciting CSI2* Grand Prix over 1.45m in Zuidwolde, Incanto VDL (Kannan x Indoctro) and Alex David Gill (GBR) finished in second place. Also double clear and sixth were Igor GPH (Harley VDL x Crawford 5) and Amke Bekhuis (NED). Incanto was bred by Gebr. Lohuis.
GPH Stud bred Igor GPH. 
Idaloma (Zirocco Blue VDL x Verdi), ridden by Daan van Geel (NED), came eighth with one fault in the jump-off. H.W.J. Grol bred Idaloma. 
Two Cardento descendants also made it into the top ten: Isis (Cardento x Guidam) and Julian De Boer (NED) finished seventh and Jesther (Cardento x Lupicor) ridden by Bas Moerings (NED) finished tenth. 
The nine-year-old Isis was bred by H.N. de Boer.
G.J.A. Moerings and J. Moerings bred the eight-year-old Jesther.

The CSI2* competition over 1.45 brought Jesther (Cardento x Lupicor) and Bas Moerings (NED) with a minimal time difference to number one, the second place. Frederik B (Zapatero VDLx Kenwood, bred by J. Busscher), ridden by Ruben Dario Ramirez (MEX), was fourth.  

I am Elrite (Harley VDL x Chin Chin x Ahorn, breeder B. Ellen) and rider Lisa Broekert (NED) were third in the 1.40m. 
The 8-year-old Jestinov (Carrera VDL x Ustinov, breeder A. Vos) was also in good shape in the 1.40m. With her Italian rider Guido Tarantini the mare finished fifth with two clear rounds. 

 In another 1.35m class Jasmin (Durango VDL x Placido, breeder L. Jonkers) and Bianca Rüscher (AUT) finished third. Max van de Poll (NED) finished fourth in the 1.35m class with the 7-year-old mare Kentucky III-S (Baltic VDL x Zandor Z) bred by Van Straaten.  

The CSI2* competition over 1.30m put Kallmar VDL (Carrera VDL x Indorado, breeder H.B. Dirksen & M.A. Hijlkema) and Jur Vrieling (NED) in fourth place. 

In the CSIYH1* competition with jump-off for five- and six-year-olds over 1.30m, La Dame VG (Zirocco Blue VDL x Padinus x Indoctro), ridden by Mareille van Geel-Schröder (NED), came fourth. La Dame VG was bred by Van Geel Schroder B.V.. Fifth was La Ville VDS (Grand Slam VDL x Arezzo VDL), ridden by Conan Wright (IRE). Breeder of La Ville VDS is J.J. van der Sar.

The young horse class for five year olds over 1.20m was won by Be Blue (Brantzau VDL x Lord Pezi, breeder Helmut Osterkamp) and Sebastian Bolse (GER).

Lubalia (Dallas VDL x Indoctro, breeder K. Feiken & A. Botterblom-Haket) and Bert-Jan Zuidema won the CSIYH1* class over 1.15m. Third was Lampard M (Harley VDL x Vancouver, breeder Th. Maessen) with Caroline Hölzer (GER) in the saddle. Bokito Van De Woestenheide (Brantzau VDL x Dexter R), bred by D. Schaper and ridden by Britt Schaper (NED), came fourth.
Another young horses class over 1.15m was won by Bokito Van De Woestenheide and Britt Schaper (NED). Myrabalia van Seldsum (Harley VDL x Burgrraaf, breeder M. Hovenga) and Renske Geertman (NED) finished fifth. 

In the CSI1* competitions three Arezzo descendants were successful. 
Garola (Arezzo VDL x Joost, breeder J.H. Koers) won the 1.20 m class, with Franklin Posmus (NED) in the saddle.
Killing Girl (Arrezzo VDL x Brugal VDL, breeder Th. Griffioen) and Maud Wieffernk (NED) finished 5th in the 1.30m class.
VDL Lightfeet (Arezzo VDL x Indoctro, breeder G. van der Meer) and Alex David Gill (GBR) were placed 5th in the 1.25m. 

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