VDL Clapton wins 1.30 m Final of Zuidbroek

There were very good results for  Dennis van Tilbrug and Ernesto Cansecco competing their VDL horses at the National horse show of Zuidbroek.

The approved stallion VDL Clapton (Caretino x Landgraf) was winner of the 1.30 m final with Dennis van Tilburg. Ernesto Cansecco became 2nd in this final with VDL Sill (Emilion x Zeno). Dennis also won the final of the  M-class with VDL Southwind (Baloubet x Ahorn). In the final of the 1.20 m of the 2nd group was a 2nd place for Ernesto with VDL Ramina (Nimmerdor x Lord) and a 5th place for VDL Torlando (Corland x Ahorn). 

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