15 stallions selected

There are 15 VDL stallions selected for the 2nd round of the KWPN Stallion selection in Den Bosch. These are the stallions:

  • Z (nr. 37), Cardento x Coriander, bred by mr. Lucas from Nieuw Schoonebeek
  • nn (nr. 63), Cassini I x Linaro, bred by F. Neumann from Ausacker
  • Zico SW (nr. 83), Chin Chin x Libero H, bred by mr. Wezenberg from Ijsselmuiden and owned together with mr. H. van der Scheer from Kamperveen
  • Zinnig (nr. 84), Chin Chin x Nimmerdor, bred by mr. van Rooijen from Lageland
  • Zaval (nr. 87), Chin Chin x Nimmerdor, bred by mr. Schaap from Wijnjewoude
  • Zlatan VDL (nr. 95), Chin Chin x G. Ramiro Z, bred by the VDL Stud
  • Zegna (nr. 96), Chin Chin x Ircolando, bred by H. Brugman from Hengelo and owned together with the breeder.
  • nn (nr. 120), Corland x Contender, bred by mr. Koppen from Nederweert.
  • Zenith (nr. 182), Indoctro x Consul, bred by Dr. & Mrs. C. Jimenez from the USA
  • Zenith (nr. 187), Indoctro x Galoubet, bred by mr. Ploegmakers from Beuningen
  • Zanzibar (nr. 195), Indorado x Goodtimes, bred by M. Huisman from Dalfsen.
  • Quamikase de S Forets (nr. 252), Mr. Blue x Voltaire, bred by M. Fabrice & M. Guy from Paris (Fr).
  • Zip-Easy (nr. 323), Quite Easy x Little Rock, bred by fam. van Straaten from Den Ham 
  • Zinte F (nr. 381), Tenerife x Indoctro, bred by Brinkman & Koopman from Hantumhuizen
  • Zfinx (nr. 536), Prestige x Krack C, bred by the fam. Sinnige from Suawoude

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