Offspring of VDL stallions qualified for Lanaken

Good results by offspring of VDL stallions in Zweden. There are a lot of horses with VDL Stallions in their pedigree who are now qualified for competing at the World Championships for young horses at Lanaken.These are the following horses:

5-years old

El on af �stra Hult, colt by Indoctro - Everest, breeder Marie & Johan Persson, Zweden
Onosa N, Orame - Le Mexico, breeder Ingrid & Olle Kindberg, Zweden
Thunderball, colt by Cardento - Dragon, breeder Susanne Schelin, Zweden
Veronieque, mare by Indoctro - Ahorn, breeder  D Noordhuis, Holland

 6-years old

Midsummer, mare by Cardento - Nuprimus, breeder G�ran Linell, Zweden
Glory Days, colt by Cardento - Diamond Serpent, breeder Springfield Showjumpers, Zweden
Cadence, colt by Cardento - Irco Marco, breeder Team Amy HB, Zweden
Udesso, colt by Matterhorn - Indoctro,  Breeder  P. Deinum, Holland
Cordelia Staur, mare by Cortus - Maximus, breeder Jenny & Roger Friman, Zweden

 7-years old

Canthara, mare by Cardento - Everest, breeder Katerine & Lars Lundb�ck, Zweden
Chicago J, Stallion by Cardento - Magini, breeder Jovial AB, Zweden
Carrera, mare by Cardento - Ceylon, breeder Kaerine & Lars Lundb�ck, Zweden
Tindra, mare by Indoctro - Jus de Pomme, breeder Karin Wiklerth, Zweden


Breeders, owners and riders: Good luck at Lanaken!

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