Son of Indoctro Dutch Champion of 5 years old jumpers

The son of Indoctro Zirano, ridden by Bert-Jan Zuidema became Dutch Champion of the 5 years old jumpers. Placed 6th was the Emilion-mare Zamette, ridden by Nella Bijlsma.
The approved stallion Zavall VDL (Casall x Emilion)  placed 17th in this final.

In the Championship for 6 years old jumpers there was a 2nd place for Wistler (Sheraton x Beachboy), ridden by Maykel van Mierlo, there was a 5th place for Whisper (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Michael Greeve. Placed 9th was the Indoctro-son Wizzerd, ridden by Hanno Ellerman, placed  10th was the Indoctro-mare Whitney, ridden by Bart de Bruijn and 12th became Winde (Sheraton x Cavalier) ridden by Willem Greeve. The approved son of Indoctro, Wittinger VDL placed 17th in this final.

In the Championship for 4 years old jumpers was a 4th place for the Indoctro-son Artiflex, ridden by Stefan Adamowicz and a 10th place fore the Tenerife-son Amorife, ridden by Bart Bles.

Verona (Odermus R x Maykel), ridden by Willem Greeve, became 2nd in the Championship for the 7 year old jumpers.

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