Emilion offspring successful in Grand Prix in Europe

There were good results of offspring of VDL Emilion at several Grand Prix in Europe.
The Emilion-mare Ukinda, ridden by Hugo Simon, placed 6th in the Grand Prix of Bremen. The Matterhorn-mare Talina V, ridden by Douglas Lindelow, placed 10th in this class. More good results in Bremen were:
The Indorado-son Twister S, ridden by Thomas Straumann, won a 1.40m class.
The Indoctro-son Undoctro, ridden by Franke Sloothaak, placed 8th in a 1.50m class.
The Marlon-mare Simone, ridden by Malin Palmer, placed 2nd in a 1.45m class.

At the CSI of Neeroeteren the Emilion-son Valdato, ridden by Julia Kayser placed 7th in the Grand Prix. Dennis van Tilburg competed with VDL Wizard (by Guidam) in the International class for 6- and 7 years old jumpers and they did well. They placed 7th in the final on Sunday. Also VDL Dogan (by Chin Chin) and Robert Vos did well in the competition for young jumpers, they won the class on Saturday and placed 3rd on Thursday.
VDL Empire (by Emilion), also ridden by Dennis van Tilburg placed 7th in a 1.40m class.
The Pacific-son Valentino, ridden by Loewi Joppen, won a 1.30m class.

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