VDL Usday 4th in Grand Prix

The Orame-mare VDL Usday placed 4th in the Grand Prix of Magna Racino with her rider Samantha Lam.

There were more good results in the class for young jumpers:

The Indoctro-son Winnie, ridden by Astrid van leeuwen, placed 3rd in the final of the class for 7 year old jumpers.
The Marlon-mare SIEC Wanda Leva, ridden by Richard Grom, placed 4th in another class for 7 year old jumpers. Wanda Leva also won a class for 7 year old jumpers

The Marlon-son Zalter B, ridden by Stefanie Breitenstein, placed 4th in the final of the 6 year old jumpers. In the class for 6 year old jumpers on Wednesday for 6 year old jumpers SIEC Zelinosa (by Indoctro) placed 2nd and Zagahorn (by Matterhorn) placed 3rd. And in the class on Thursday there were again many offspring of VDL Stallions high placed:
2nd place for Zagahorn (by Matterhorn), 3rd place for Zenriette J (by Sheraton) and 6th place for SIEC Zelinosa (by Indoctro)

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