Sterrehof�s Valdato (f. Emilion) 2nd in Grand Prix De Wolden, The Netherlands

Sterrehof’s Valdato (f. Emilion) placed 2nd in the Grand Prix in De Wolden with Julia Kayser. Vedor (f. Indoctro) placed 8th with Julia Hargreaves.

In a class for 7-year old jumpers, S.I.E.C Zelinosa (f.Indoctro) and Richard Grom placed 7th and Vdl Groep Zorro (f.Emilion) placed 8th with rider Leopold van Asten. In the finals of the 7-year old jumpers Vdl Groep Zorro placed 3rd.

In a class for 6-year old jumpers, A (f. Indoctro) and Stefanie van den Brink placed 7th. In the finals of the 6-year old jumpers Adea (f. Indoctro) placed 6th with rider Martijn Veenstra.

A 1.40m. class was won by Seldan di Campalto (f. Emilion) who was ridden by Abdullah Al Sharbatly. Kirsten Rikkert and Ugano (f. Emilion) placed 3rd and Exclusive (f. Emilion) placed 8th with rider Michael Greeve. This last combination also placed 9th in an other 1.40m class.

Veldheer (f. Matterhorn) and rider Hans de Vries placed in two different 1.30m classes, once 5th and once 9th. In the class where Veldheer placed 5th, Zanea (f. Marlon) and Nella Bijlsma placed 10th. In an other 1.30m class Zabelle-s (f. Indoctro) and rider Fred van Straaten placed 9th. Adorose, an Indoctro-mare, placed 9th in a 1.25/1.30m class with rider Timothy Hendrix.

In the finals of the light tour (1.25m) Zele (f.Cantos) and rider Youssef Anzarouti placed 7th and Arakorn, also a young Cantos, placed 8th with rider Kristian Johannesson. Zubizareta VDL (f. Hold Up Premier) and Jules de Bruijn placed 11th.

In various 1.20m classes offspring of VDL stallions placed as follows:
Washington (f. Sheraton) placed 2nd with rider Sander Geerink and Vick Weis, a Matterhorn-mare, placed 5th in the same class with Judith Vetker.
Washington also placed 3rd ; Absalom (f. Indoctro) placed 9th with Frank Schuttert in the same class.
Vick Weis also placed 3rd; Asrael (f. Indoctro) and Jolijn Klomp placed 10th in the same class.

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