Record of visitors at VDL Stallionshow

A record number of visitors came yesterday to our annual Stallion Show. The show went very well, the stallions and their offspring presented themselves very well under the guidance of their riders and bringers. The stallion show can be seen online at Clip my Horse:

VDL Stallionshow 2015

One of the highlights of the show was the retirement of Bubalu VDL. Roy Maher of Prima Equestrian made a nice resume of this special moment and we shared this at our facebookpage:
VDL Facebook

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Prior to the stallion show was a honoring of breeders of champion horses and approved stallions, they received  a nice picture of their breeding product. This ceremony can also been seen at Clip My Horse:

Honoring of breeders

Thanks everybody who was involved to make this day happen!

Dallas VDL

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