Horses sold by VDL Stud jump in National Mexican Championships

Several horses that were sold by the VDL Stud participated at the National Mexican Championships.

Ares (Cardento x Zandigo) and Nicolas Pizarro became 3rd in the National Championship Gran Premio in Balvanera, Mexico. They placed 4th and 8th in the Gran Premio preliminary rounds.

Desie (Westpoint x Legaat), ridden by Andres Gonzalez Dufrane, placed 4th in the final  of the Masters class. They won a preliminary round and placed 3rd in another preliminary round.


Below the list of horses that were sold by us to Mexico that jumped at the Championships:

Gran Premio
Ares, ridden by Nicolas Pizarro Suarez

Aristotelis (Indoctro x Voltaire), ridden by Antonio Chedraui
Davidoff, ridden by Pepe Madariaga
Evidence ridden by Alisson Lima Lima
Elan ridden by Alisson Lima Lima
Cabriole, ridden by Bárbara García
Ezteca, ridden by Alisson Lima Lima

Heleon, ridden by Jefferson Martins Maquieira CAMPEON!
Huapango, ridden by Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane
Hoela Hoep, ridden by Daniel Pedraza Littlewood

6-year olds
Larezzo, ridden by Gustavo Ramos H Leyva
Game Boy, ridden by Jose Antonio Vallarta
Giro de Bears, ridden by Gustavo Ramos H Leyva
Go Go Blue, ridden by Victor Morales

Amateur high
Vigo R, ridden by Pepe Madariaga
Zo True, ridden by Federica Garcia
Dumigoya, ridden by Manuel Gonzalez Dufrane
Darisma, ridden by Ruben Darío RZ

Amateur medium
Fudine, ridden by Carlos Hagenbeck

Amateur low
8th: Ines El Camino, ridden by Jorge Fernandez
10th: Captain VZ, ridden by Carlos Olea
Grusus (Cantos x Indoctro), ridden by Jose Manuel Franco
Eagle VDL, ridden by Rosannete Diaz

Juvenil high
Ceci Tahnee, ridden by Eduardo Romero

Juvenil medium
Corlinus, ridden by Mauricio Ralf Peter Neumann Vollmar
Exclusividence, ridden by Paula Senderos

Juvenil low
8th: Doc Chin VDL, ridden by Fatima Ruiz
Xico, ridden by Sonia Rempel
Diamont GR, ridden by Diego Riaño

Desie, ridden by Andres Gonzales

Dartuna, ridden by Francois Esteves
Diarado Kid, ridden by Christa Ekstrand

3rd: Dizigeunerin VDL, ridden by Jesus Omar Pelcastre
Fhigaro Flake, ridden by Jose Maria Sierra Lendle
Dreamboy, ridden by Pol Marine

3rd: Edward, ridden by Carla Abascal
Grandeur, ridden by Lucia Villanueva
Dubay VDL, ridden by Ana Paola Ramirez
Facarole VDL, ridden by Itziar Yrigoyen

Debutant riders
Hubrena FDS, ridden by Irazema Garza
Apollo G, ridden by Irazema Garza
Espresso JWB, ridden by Alejandro Monroy

Open 1.20 class
Fabian VL, ridden by Juan Ignacio Walker
Adatio, ridden by Mariana Franco

Open 1.10m class
Denver VDM, ridden by Fabrissio Perez
Hilton III, ridden by Martin Jimenez

Two offspring of our stallion jumped very well:

Ehrens (Cardento x Concorde), ridden by Luciana Roberta Gonzalez Guerra, became reservechampion in the Juvenil Medium class, they won one of the preliminaries and placed 2nd in another preliminary round.

Cadence Greenfield Z (Corland x Carthago), ridden by Vivial V Silva, became reservechampion in the Intermedia B class, they won a preliminary round and placed 3rd in another preliminary round.



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