Baileys (s. Indoctro) 4th in Grand Prix Kronenberg

Baileys (Indoctro x Come On) and Michel Hendrix became 4th in the Grand Prix of Kronenberg.

Dadullah (Wittinger VDL x Concorde), ridden by Patrick Lemmen, won a 1.40m class and Giruso H (indoctro x Nimmerdor), ridden by Patrick Lemmen, won a 1.30m young jumpers class.

4th 1.45m class: Dantos HBC (Cantos x Numeo Uno), ridden by Monique van den Broek
6th and 7th 1.35m classes: Fair Field (Zirocco Blue x Chin Chin), ridden by Michel Hendrix
6th 1.35m class: Euro-Star Blue (Zirocco Blue x Niveau) and Sanna Backlund
7th 1.35m class: Feline HBC (Cantos x Undercover), ridden by Amber Meijer
9th 1.35m class: Flash-Somara (Wittinger x Murano), ridden by Francesca Capponi
7th and 8th 1.30m young jumpers classes: Greatest Boy (Carrera x Great Pleasure), ridden by Dennis Schlüsselburg
10th  1.30m young jumpers class: Gladius Eickenrode (Harley x Indorado), ridden by Janneke van Noord

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