Cyroco (v. Zirocco Blue) wins Grand Prix Cantelau

At the Cantelau Grand Prix, Bouabdellah Chelef started with Cyroco (by Zirocco Blue). They stayed clear and ran off with the victory. The Zirocco Blue son is bred by ZG Lothar & Sven Völz. In the same class, fourth place went to an offspring of Douglas. Pedro Junqueira Muylaert and Dakar (by Douglas) also stayed clear in the jump-off but were just a little slower than the number three. The breeder of Dakar (by Douglas) is J. Kroes.

Cyroco (by Zirocco Blue) with Bouabdellah Chelef also won a class in the 2* 1.35m class on Thursday in Cantelau. Bouabdellah Chelef had even more success with the Arezzo son Arretot Wi Ro Z. The Arezzo, bred by Winne de Rombout, won two classes: the 1* 1.20m and 1* 1.35m. On Sunday, he managed to finish second in the 1* 1.35m.

Finally, Gicarla (by Zirocco Blue) also managed to win the 1* 1.30m with Axelle Lagoubie. The Zirocco Blue daughter is bred by H.H. Wichers.

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Zirocco Blue

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