Durango (s. Zirocco Blue) 6th in 1.50m Johnstown

Durango VDL (Zirocco Blue x Lux) and Tina Yates became 6th in a 1.50m class at the jumping of Johnstown in Ohio, America.          

6th 1.45m class: Helianthe ter Wilgen (Chin Chin x Surrealist van ‘t Paradijs), ridden by Hector Florentino Roca
twice 2nd 1.40m classes: Cicomein VDL (Chacco Blue x Jus the Pomme) and Tina Yates
6th 1.40m class: Dakar VDL (Cardento x Marlon), ridden by Tina Yates
3rd and 8th 1.30m classes: Zirdoctro SL Z (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by Catie Boone
4th and 9th 1.30m classes: Biallon VDL (Indoctro x Wisconsin), ridden by Gabriella Reuter


Linked horses

Durango VDL

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