Eddie Blue (s. Zirocco Blue) 9th in Grand PrixDublin

Eddie Blue (Zirocco Blue VDL x Marlon) and Devin Ryan became 9th in the 5* Grand Prix of Dublin, Ireland. They also placed 5th in a 1.55m class.

Farona (Baltic x Lux), ridden by Daniel Coyle, won two classes: a 1.50m and a 1.45m class. They also placed 6th in a 1.40m class.

10th 1.55m class: Gin Chin vh Lindenhof (Chin Chin x Calido I), ridden by Bertram Allen
2nd 1.50m and 6th Puissance classes: Dassler (Douglas x Cassini II), ridden by Louise Saywell
2nd 1.45m and 4th 1.40m classes: Cyklon 1083 (Cardento x Cortus), ridden by Shane Sweetnam
9th 1.45m class: Zapzerap (Zapatero x Ramiro), ridden by Enrique Gonzalez
10th 1.45m young jumpers class: MHS Jersey Girl (Cardento x O Quidam Junior), ridden by Jack Brennan
5th Puissance: Dollanstown (Douglas x Cavalier Royale), ridden by Captain Geoff Curran

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Eddie Blue

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