Fair Field (by Zirocco Blue) fourth in Grand Prix of Oliva

OLIVA - For descendants of Zirocco Blue it is raining excellent Grand Prix results this week. Fair Field (by Zirocco Blue) could also count itself among the great ones with a fourth place in the Grand Prix of Oliva under Sophie Hinners. In the 1.35m the combination was allowed to position itself as seventh. Last year, the rider was also successful with Fair Field by harvesting excellent rankings in both Oliva and Aachen.
The German Hinners is also the rider of Jolly Swagman (by Zirocco Blue VDL x Chin Chin). This combination finished nicely third in the 1.35m. In this class Janco V (by Dakar VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL) finished eighth.

Elien (by Arezzo VDL x Roven X) and Theodor Linde (DEN) finished third in the 1.30m level. I think I can HX (by Harley VDL x Gran Corrado 33) and Michel Hendriks (NED) finished seventh in this competition.
In the 1.45m Farezzo (by Arezzo VDL x Van Gogh) made himself heard by finishing third with Edwin Smits. Hiek'n (Falaise de Muze x Matterhorn) and Ruben Romp (NED) came sixth in this class.

Other nice rankings from VDL descendants in Oliva were:
1.40m 6 Katinka van het Valenberghof (v. Corland) Harold Boiset (FRA)
1.40m 8 Houston B (v. Zirocco Blue)  Kelly van Dousselaere (BEL)
1.45m 9 Laurier (v. Zirocco Blue) Thibault Phillippaarts (BEL)
1.35m 7 Illusion CL (v. Arezzo) Laurent Guillet (FRA)
1.30m 6 Illusion CL (v. Arezzo) Laurent Guillet (FRA)


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Fair Field (v. Zirocco Blue)

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