Young Harley's win Grand Prix San Giovanni in Marignano and Michalowice

CSI 2* San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy
Felicia (Harley x Veneur) and Giovanni Consorti won the Grand Prix San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy. They also placed 4th in a 1.40m class.
Hummer CL (Falaise the Muze x Fergar Mail), ridden by Giorgio Sacco, placed 4th in the Grand Prix.
Scarteen (Cardento x Chellano Z) and Marianne Schindele won a 1.35m young jumpers class.
2nd 1.40m and 3rd 1.35m classes: Maristy.H (Inshallah de Muze x Colino), ridden by Pius Schwizer
5th 1.40m class: Emotion VDL (Arezzo x Contender), ridden by Nico Lupino
2nd 1.35m class: Hegelsum (Zavall x Hinault), ridden by Roberto Consumati
5th 1.35m class: Gucci Blue (Zirocco Blue x Ovidius), ridden by Andre Schröder
2nd 1.35m young jumpers class: Ilamine de Thurin (Dakar x Jalisco B), ridden by Paolo Paini
3rd 1.35m young jumpers class: Ironmaster VDL (Arezzo x Emilion), ridden by Giovanni Consorti
4th 1.35m young jumpers class: Ilonblue F (Zirocco Blue x Canturano I), ridden by Guido Grimaldie

CSI1* Michalowice, Poland
Jarley (Harley x Voltaire) and Wojciech Wojcianiec won the 1* Grand Prix of Michalowice.
At the 2* jumping of Michalowice offspring of our stallions placed as follows:
3rd 1.40m rubriek: Guessina (Zirocco Blue x Manhattan), ridden by Philipp Schober
6th 1.40m rubriek: Farley (Harley x Nassau), ridden by Andrei Shalohin
7th 1.35m and 2nd 1.30m young jumpers classes: Javenda (Harley x Quidam de Revel), ridden by Andrius Petrovas
3rd 1.35m and 3rd & 7rd 1.30m young jumpers classes: Jetski E.B. (Dakar x Cascavelle), ridden by Jasmin Seppälä

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