Foal champion in Eext from Harley VDL

EEXT - Odily (Harley VDL x Indoctro) was the champion foal on Saturday at the foal show in Eext.

Inspector Bart Henstra judged the foals in collaboration with Petro Trommelen. The following was said about the champion:
“This is a very complete foal; she has a lot of blood, is athletic and has good proportions. She also has an athletic way of moving, she is light-footed and shows a lot of body use. In the canter she can switch well and she has a lot of balance. Really a very modern foal. "

Dallas VDL delivers the best jumping foal

Orlando (Dallas VDL) by A. Veenhof Azn from Gieten was the best stallion foal and finished second.
The report about this foal was as follows:
“This is a well-muscled foal that is built very correctly. He stood out with his good canter, who has a lot of balance. This foal can switch easily and moves with a lot of print.”

Glenfiddich VDL and Jardonnay VDL also deliver best foals

Orenchidee DN (Glenfiddich x Emilion) by D. Noordhuis from Wijster became third. Bart Henstra:
“A very appealing foal that is well developed. This filly has a remarkably good shoulder shoulder part and a long croup. She is light-hearted in movement and she moves with a good balance.”

Ostannie (Jardonnay), also from A. Veenhof Azn, was placed fourth.
"This is a long-lined foal that stood out in motion because of its scope and flexibility," the inspector said.

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Harley VDL

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