Foal inspection Zweeloo: final full of VDL foals, O-Waleska champion

Zweeloo - the foal inspection for jumping foals held on 12 July was a unanimous success for the offspring of the VDL stallions. Bart Henstra, who assessed the foals, came to the following conclusion: "The quality was exceptionally good."
O-Waleska champion
Carrera VDL daughter O-Waleska from J.A.F. Mittendorff from Coevorden became champion of the jumping foals.
Bart Henstra came to the following assessment: “This is an athletically built foal that is well developed and has a lot of blood. She is long-lined and stood out with her gallop path, which had good space and lots of body use. She was also able to switch well."

Beautiful jumping foals
Filly O’Rike (Arezzo VDL out of Alrike keur from Cantos) from Joh.H. Lufting from Dalen was placed 3rd in the championship inspection.
“This is a well-developed, strongly muscled foal with good proportions. She had a lot of imprint in the canter and enough space in it," says Henstra.
Filly Odessa (Johnnie Walker) from G.J. Bosch from Dalen was fifth.
About Odessa, Henstra was able to say the following: “She was born on 1 June and is therefore a young foal. It is, however, built very correctly and sufficiently muscled. She stood out because of her canter that is light-footed and has a lot of balance.”
Odelien DN (by Dallas VDL x Baltic VDL) from D. Noordhuis from Wijster came out in sixth place. Inspector Bart Henstra drew the following conclusion about this filly:
“This foal is very good in type and has good proportions. In addition, she has a good shoulder shoulder part and strong connections in the top line. She galloped with a lot of impressions, but was able to show a little more body use today.”

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Carrera VDL

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