For Fun VT (s. Zirocco) placed 2nd in Poland

For Fun VT (Zirocco Blue x Indorado) was placed as second in a 1.40m competition during CSI Krakow in Poland. For Fun VT is ridden by Gerfried Puck. In this competition Secret Weapon L (Bubalu x Acobat II) and Dawid Skiba were placed as 4th.
Estoril Fortuna (Harley x Indoctro) and Dawid Kubiak were placed twice in 1.30m competitions: once as 6th and once as 9th.
Dior V (Indoctro x Garanco) won a 1.30m competition with rider Aleksandra Kierznowska. And Itoulon B (Etoulon x Indoctro) with rider Marek Lewicke were placed as 9th in 1.20m competition.


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