GB Celine (s. Cardento) wins Grand Prix Porto Alegre

GB Celine (Cardento x Concorde) and Luis Felipe Pimenta Alves won the Grand Prix of Porto Alegre in Brasil. Chacal TB (Cardento x Voltaire), ridden by Victor Consortti Evangelista, became 7th.

The small Grand Prix was won by HSR Zantella VDL (Silverstone x Matterhorn) and Joao Vitor Marcon and the 2nd place was for Zilverstone vd Kapel (Silverstone x Beaujolais), ridden by Stephan de Freitas Barcha

5th 1.45m class: Chacal TB and Victor Consortti Eofgelista          
8th 1.45m class: VDL Groep Zorro (s. Emilion), ridden by Mauricio Rapaport
2nd 1.40m class: Doctrinaire Polana (Wittinger x Corland), ridden by Flavio Grillo Araujo
twice 6th 1.40m classes: Zippo (Indoctro x Zeus), ridden by Daniel Cesar Khury
8th 1.35m class: Ellechin ter Doorn (Chin Chin x Quidam de Revel), ridden by Tiago Augusto H. de Mes


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