Harwich VDL 4th in Grand Prix van Exloo, Kallmar and Inaico third and fourth

EXLOO - Harwich VDL (Arezzo VDL x Darco) and James Billington (GBR) finished fourth in the CSI 2 * Grand Prix of Exloo. Kallmar and Inaico, both ridden by Jur Vrieling (NED), finished third resp. fourth in the 1.25m and 1.35m.

Also with Impressive VDL (Douglas x Contender) and Etoulon VDL (Toulon x Calvados) Jur Vrieling remained clear in resp. the 1.30m and 1.20m.

Helsinki (Zirocco Blue VDL x Indoctro) and Hessel Hoekstra (NED) won the 1.45m in an excellent way.
I am (Etoulon VDL x Vingino) and Dennis van den Brink (NED) left all the competition behind in the 135m.

The various VDL descendants also performed very well also in the other classes:
CSI2* 1.40m  4   Impian D  Bubalu VDL x Lux Z  Henk Frederiks (NED)
CSI2* 1.45m  5   Headline  Zirocco Blue VDL x Ahorn  Hylke de Jong (NED)
CSI2* 1.40m  3  Impian D  Bubalu VDL x Lux Z  Henk Frederiks (NED)
CSI2* 1.40m  5  Irocco Blue S  Zirocco Blue VDL x Numero Uno  Hessel Hoekstra (NED)
CSI2* 1.45m  1  Helsinki   Zirocco Blue VDL x Indoctro  Hessel Hoekstra (NED)
CSI2* 1.35m  2  Idense  Zirocco Blue VDL x Lux Z  Willem Verdonk (NED)
CSI2* 1.35m  4  Inaico  Indoctro x Baloubet du Rouet  Jur Vrieling (NED)
CSI2* 1.40m  4  Incanto VDL  Kannan x Indoctro  James Billington (GBR)
CSI2* 1.40m  5  PMF / 2Join Hartford  Carrera x Burggraaf  Suzanne Tepper (NED)
CSI2* Grand Prix  4  Harwich VDL  Arezzo VDL x Darco  James Billington (NED)
CSI2* Grand Prix  5  Graziano  Baltic VDL x Great Pleasure  Micky Morssinkhof (NED)
CSI2* 1.35m  1  I Am  Etoulon VDL x Vingino  Dennis van den Brink (NED)
CSI1* 1.25m  3  Kallmar  Carrera VDL x Indorado  Jur Vrieling (NED)
CSI1* 1.25m  4  Dou Cati  Douglas x Couleur Rubin  Renee Hazeleger (NED)

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Harwich VDL

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