High scores for Zenato (by Zirocco Blue)

Our 3 years old stallion Zenato (Zirocco Blue x Acolord) passed for his 50 days at Adelheidsdorf with high scores. Zenato received an average of 8,49. Among the marks where a 9,5 for his scope. Zenato is bred by Dr. Hartwig Schmidt from Germany.

Also offspring by our stallions Inshallah de Muze and Dallas VDL passed the stalliontest with high scores. Italo (Inshallah de Muze x Cambridge) passed the test with an average of 8,44. Italo is bred by Kees van den Oetelaar and A. Mazza. Dacantos (Dallas x Cantos) received an average score of 8,54. This stallion is bred by B. van Spijkeren from Ede.

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