Isapardi VDL and Gacarla win finals GMB young jumper competition

Sjoerd Kommers and our top bred mare Isapardi VDL just won the final of the GMB competition of the 4 year old jumpers. Isapardi VDL is bred Corland x Kannan and is a full sister of the famous stallions Bacardi VDL and Apardi . In 7th place finished another mare bred by the VDL Stud: Irsina Blue (Zirocco Blue x Atlantic), ridden by  Elina de Jong.  In 9th place finished  Rielke Roeland with  Iron Maiden (Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Indorado), bred by  A.O. de Haan from Jubbega.

In the final of the 5 year olds Trienke Alma  placed 10th with  Hendence VDL (Zapatero x Ahorn), also a mare bred by VDL Stud.

The final of the 7 year old jumpers was won by Gacarla VDL (Arezzo x Indoctro) ridden by Maud Wiefferink. This mare is also bred by VDL Stud out of the mareline of the stallion Mr. Blue.

Also placed in the top 10 were:

4th Fire Flash Toltien (Corland x Voltaire), ridden by Guido Jan Schoemaker
6th  Gindira Blue  (Zirocco Blue x Indoctro), ridden by  Leonie Jonker
8th Zembla V Z (Zirocco Blue x Contender), ridden by  Guido Jan Schoemaker

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