Kallmar VDL and Impressive VDL placedin Poznan

In the final of the 6-year-olds, our young stallion Kallmar VDL (Carrera x Indorado), ridden by Jur Vrieling, placed 3rd. With Impressive VDL (Douglas x Contender) Jur finished 4th in the Puissance, he jumped clear over a wall of 1.95m high. The puissance was won by Itoulon B (v. Etoulon), ridden by Mark Lewicki. In the Grand Prix of Poznan there was an 8th place for the Zirocco Blue son Fliere Fluiter, ridden by Jack Ansems. This combination also became 2nd in another 1.50m class.
Also placed high in in Poznan were:
2nd 1.40m:             Daisy (v. Glasgow vt Merelsnest), ridden by Malgorzata Ciszek-Lewicka
2nd 1.30m:             Jason VDL (v. Dakar), ridden by Agnieszka Olszewska
3rd 1.30m:             Flashi (v. Indoctro), ridden by Barbara Krywult
3rd 1.35m:             Odilon vh Bevrijdthof (v. Carrera), ridden by Dawid Skiba
3rd 1.35m:             Giraldo L (v. Zirocco Blue), ridden by Msciwoj Kiecon
2nd + 4th 1.35m:    Jardy (v. Arezzo), ridden by Aggelos Touloupis
4th 1.30m:             Jameson (Arezzo VDL), ridden by Michal Kazmierczak
4th 1.45m:             Important Style VK (v. Falaise de Muze), ridden by Loewie Joppen
4th 1.35m:             Dior V (v. Indoctro), ridden by Eliza Zawadzka
9th 6-year-olds: Kalahari Rock (v. Harley), ridden by Krysztof Retka
4th +5th 7-year-olds James B (v. Dakar VDL), ridden by Julia Biskup
7th 7-year-olds:  Darko Z (v. Douglas), ridden by Andrius Petrovas

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