Karonia L (v. Harley) wins twice 2* 1.45m in Deurne

Last weekend, Karonia L (by Harley) with Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida managed to win both classes at 1.45m level. The Harley daughter is bred by Th. Lemmers and has already won four classes in the past two months. 

Icarronne-S (by Carrera) was also in the winning mood, winning the 1.40m with Eric van der Vleuten on Saturday. That Thursday they already managed a nice third place in the 1.40m. The Carrera daughter comes from the well-known breeding farm of family van Straaten.

Kensington W (by Zirocco Blue) secured three times the second place with Finn Boerekamp in the 1.30m class. The Zirocco Blue offspring, bred by J. van Wessel, secured also the second place in the Grand Prix with the whole weekend clear rounds in Deurne. First place went to Kylie VJ (by Freeman) and Kevin Jochems in the Grand Prix. They managed to be 0.01 seconds faster than Kensington (by Zirocco Blue) with Finn Boerekamp. The Freeman daughter is bred by J. Veldman and has only recently been a combination with Kevin Jochems. 

Kivali H (by Etoulon) and Filippa Enmark also managed to clear rounds all weekend. This brought them seventh place on Thursday, fourth place on Sunday and a nice second place on Saturday. The Etoulon daughter is bred by A. van Heerebeek.

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Icarronne S (v. Carrera)

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