Magic Mike (by Zapatero VDL) wins 1.45m in Thermal (USA), Calexio VDL (by Cardento) wins 1.35m

THERMAL - Magic Mike (by Zapatero VDL x Indoctro) and Kyle King (USA) have won the CSI4 * over 1.45m in Thermal. Calexio VDL (by Cardento x Heartbreaker) and Kendall Bourgeois (USA) won the 1.35m level. Calexio VDL was bred by the VDL Stud.
Il Mago (by Baltic VDL x Mr Blue) and Lauren Micheals (USA) were unbeatable in the 1.30m. Igor K (by Cardento x Gran Corrado) and Ellicia Edgar (CAN) claimed the victory in the 1.35m class.

In the Grand Prix Gaia (by Cantos x Rhodium) and Kasey Ament (USA) managed to claim second place very nicely.
Fenna (by Zirocco Blue x Sam R) and Lauren Flather (USA) rode nicely to second place in the 1.45m.

In the 1.40m level Hirado Blue (by Zirocco Blue x Indorado) and Molly Talla (USA) also finished second.
Il Mago (by Baltic VDL x Mr Blue) and Lauren Micheals (USA) stayed clear twice in the 1.30m level and placed third. Cute S (by Pessoa VDL x Quite Easy I) and Samia Staehle (USA) finished fifth in this competition. This combination also finished fifth in the 1.35m level.

Eos (by Wittinger VDL x Navarone) and Robyn Walker (CAN) finished fourth in the 1.30m. Another Wittinger VDL, Skyliner (by Wittinger VDL x Neckar) and Lauren Flather (USA) rode to the second position in the 1.40m. Isabel (by Dallas VDL x Watermill Swatch XX) and Nicole Haunert (AUS) finished fourth in this competition.

Jolia (by Dakar VDL x Indoctro) and Natasha Traurig (USA) finished third in the 1.30m.
Amerigo (by Cardento x Rocky) and Vani Khosla (USA) finished fifth in another 1.30m competition.

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Zapatero VDL

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