Nanthago R-E (Comthago VDL) champion five-year-old stallions in Stadl Paura

STADL-PAURA - Nanthago R-E (Comthago VDL) emerged champion at the two-day sport test in Stadl-Paura in Austria.

The stallion took the lead in the standings due to his very good talent and an impressive way of jumping.

The following marks were the final result for the five-year-old Nanthago R-E:
    Weging Eindcijfer
1. Galopp 0,2 8,0
2. Power 0,25 9,0
3. Way of jumping 0,25 9,5
4. Rideability (jury + guest rider) 0,2 8,8
5. Overall impression 0,1 8,5

The weighted final score came out at 8.83.

This is not the first time Nanthago R-E has rolled through the sport tests with very good results:
during the two-day test for showjumping stallions in Münster-Handorf, Nanthago R-E passed with an average score of 8.36.
Nanthago R-E also performed excellently in the sport test for four-year-old stallions in Warendorf. Here, the stallion received an average score of 8.23.

Jan Rendering from Vlagtwedde (NED) bred Nanthago R-E out of a mare by Nekton.

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