Ulloa du Trefle (s. Sheraton) 5th in Grand Prix Vichy

Ulloa du Trefle (Sheraton x Double Espoir) and Nicolas Deseuzes became 5th in the Grand Prix of Vichy, France. They also placed 6th in a Six Bars class.

Katinka vh Valenberghof (Corland x Montender), ridden by Harold Boisset, won a 1.40m young jumpers class and a 1.35m young jumpers class.  


Maya (s. Cardento) 8th in 1* Grand Prix Paris
Maya (Cardento x Turban Rose) and Sophie Michaels became 8th in de 1* Grand Prix of Paris.

At the 5* jumping of Paris, VDL Fakir (Indorado x Zadok) and Ales Opatrny placed 4th in a 1.45m class.


CSI 2* Sandillon, France
Violine de Montsec (Indoctro x Quick Star) and Jerome Hurel won two 1.40m classes at the jumping of Sandillon.

Linked horses

VDL Fakir

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