VDL offspring win Championships Friesland and Groningen

Offspring of our stallions jumped very well at the Friesian and Groningen Championships.

Eldoctro (s. Indoctro) and Hester Klompmaker won the 1.30m class and with Guessina (s. Zirocco Blue) Hester won the 1.20m class.

3rd 1.35m class: Beaurante HBC (v. Cantos), ridden by Nick Van den Broek                    
4th 1.35m class: Beauwaniki WH (v. Cardento), ridden by Martin Sterk   
3rd 1.30m class: Bosch Blue HBC (v. Cantos), ridden by Nick Van den Broek       
3rd 1.20m class: Pogba (v. Douglas), ridden by Rink-Jan Dijkstra  
4th 1.20m class: Falcao (v. Azteca VDL), ridden by Rink-Jan Dijkstra                    
5th 1.20m class: Goblin HBC (v. Baltic VDL), ridden by Nick Van den Broek      
2nd 1.10m class: Luimstra’s Galina (v. Cantos), ridden by Romielle Van Tuyl       
3rd 1.00m class: Hubrena (v. Brugal VDL), ridden by Fenneke Damstra    


In Groningen Cynthia van Verbeek and our VDL Heros S (v. Zirocco Blue) won the 1.00m class. Watch the video.

Bella Diva RB (s. Indorado) and Beaudine Hollemans won the 1.35m class and Elievia (s. Cardento), ridden by Rianty Zwart, won the 1.30m class.

4th 1.30m class: Zedelina (v. Corland), ridden by Robert Dinkela
2nd 1.10m class: Elinda (v. Indoctro), ridden by Celeste Van der Poel      
4th 1.10m class: H.M. de Vos (v. Emilion), ridden by Ella Huizinga 
3rd 1.00m class: Zélé HBC (v. Cantos), ridden by: Marielle Van Beusekom


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Bosch Blue

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