Watch back the online stallionshow at Clipmyhorse

Due to the Corona-Virus we had to find an alternative to our annual VDL stallion show. We found this alternative in an online stallion show. In collaboration with Clipmyhorse, we have made a beautiful presentation of our 2020 stallion collection.
It was a big challenge to produce and to stream it online! A special thanks to everybody who was involved to make this possible. Our own team at VDL Stud, the riders and grooms but also thanks to Frederik de Backer, Rob Ehrens, Peter van der Waaij and the fantastic crew of Clipmyhorse.

For everybody  who did not had the possibility to see the stallionshow or in case if there were troubles with the livestream;  the show can be watched again in the archive of Clipmyhorse:

Online stallionshow

At our facebook page  we made a gallery where you'll find an impression of our online stallionshow, with thanks to photographers Anniek de Wit and Leanjo de Koster:

Foto Gallery

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