Pedigree :

~ predicates 'Keur' and 'Preferent'
~ Friesian Champion 3 year old jumpingbred 2008
~ 6th place in final National marechampionship 2008

~ Anolivia 's daughter Hanolivia scored 85 points for her maretest and daughter  Ganoliva scored 81 points for her maretest.

~ Anolivia  is a sister of Tolivia ‘elite, preferent, prestatie’, she is the dam of our approved stallion Glenfiddich. Dam  Nolivia is ‘keur and preferent’ and she is a halfsister of the approved stallion and international jumper Dragon Rouge. Granddam Olivia Rouge is awarded ‘ster, preferent, prestatie’ and she is a full sister of the approved stallions Papillon Rouge (jumped 1.60m) and Quouglof Rouge (1.40m).


Anolivia as a 3 year old

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