Fam. Ploegmakers-van Bavel, Sint-Oedenrode
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KWPN, Oldenburger Verband
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Pedigree :

De Niro  Donnerhall 
Silhouette (Elite, Preferent, PROK)  Jazz (Preferent) 
Horette (Keur, Preferent) 
Hennessy, 2017

Hennessy combines the genes of three of world’s best dressage sires: De Niro, Jazz and Ulft. For years both De Niro and Jazz led the WBFSH ranking for dressage sires and both performed successfully at Grand Prix level. De Niro is considered one of Germany’s most valuable dressage patriarchs, begetting world-famous horses like Desperados FRH, Delgado and D’Agostino FRH. Grand sire Jazz has been indispensable in the breeding of dressage horses and is still famous as the sire of international stars Glock’s Johnson TN and Jerich Parzival (the latter born also from the proven combination Jazz x Ulft).

Dam, Silhouette, has been awarded ‘Elite and Preferent’ by the KWPN and passed the performance test for mares successfully with an 8 for her canter. In addition, Silhouette is the full sister to the approved stallion Ragtime, ridden to Grand Prix level by the American rider Christina Robinson. Besides many successful dressage horses, several international jumpers descend from this line.


Beauty is as beauty does! A glossy black, Hennessy was approved by the KWPN with dream scores: a total of 82 points composed of a great canter, easy rideability, excellent posture and balance - all rewarded with 8.5’s. For his talent as a dressage horse Hennessey was marked 8.5 with his walk and trot receiving 8’s. For the Champion of the Dressage Stallion Approvals it was Hennessy that stood in the top place.

Hennessy has a wonderful character and under-saddle he is receiving top scores and remarks. Under Remy Bastings, Hennessy moves with suppleness and rhythm creating a lovely picture. In the stallion competition in Ermelo, Hennessy finished 4th with a score of 82 points. As a 5-year old he performs very consistently in the stallion competitions. In all classes he received an 8 for his gallop.


The first offspring are well-developed dressage foals with an appealing forehand. The foals have good movement with notable suppleness, articulation stepping well under. In the canter, the same notes apply to include good balance. Meliek-H was Champion of the colts at the foal show of Harich and in Tolbert his daughter Mara BKO became Champion. My Gladys VZ took reserve champion at the CK Noord Brabant. Matisse was the best dressage bred foal at the NAWPN foal inspections in the Northern American keuring for 2017.

In 2016 La Nadinda Altena was reserve champion of the Dressage Foals at the CK Zuid-Holland and Lord Hennessy B was reserve champion at the CK Friesland. Latanya VDL placed 3rd at the foal show of Harich.

Notable offsprings:
Nirvana BMH - Champion CK Drenthe
Matisse - Champion dressage foals KWPN-NA
Mara BKO - Champion dressage foals Tolbert
Meliek H - Champion colts Harich
La Nadinda Altna - Reserve champion dressage foals CK South Holland
Latanya VDL - 3rd Championship Inspection Dressage Foals CK Friesland
Lord Hennessy B - Reserve champion dressage foals CK Friesland

Hennessy: a gorgeous black that combines world’s best sires in his pedigree


Hennessy, 2017
Hennessy 2017 hoofd
Hennessy 2016
Hennessy 2015
Hennessy stand
Hennessy stand


De Niro  Donnerhall  Donnerwetter  Disput 
Ninette  Markus 
Alicante  Akzent II  Absatz 
Wiesenelfe  Wiesenbaum xx 
Silhouette (Elite, Preferent, PROK)  Jazz (Preferent)  Cocktail (Preferent)  Purioso (Keur) 
Ulissa (Keur, Preferent, Prestatie) 
Charmante (Keur, Prestatie)  Ulster 
Warmante (Keur, Preferent, Prestatie) 
Horette (Keur, Preferent)  Ulft (Keur)  Le Mexico (Keur) 
Pia (Keur, Preferent, Prestatie) 
Odette (Keur, Preferent)  Ivanhoe 
Fasijgje (Ster, Preferent) 

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