Offspring by VDL Stallions successful at Indoor Brabant

At the international horseshow 'Indoor Brabant' in Den Bosch offspring by VDL Indorado and VDL Flemmingh were successful in jumping and dressage at the highest level.

In the Grand Prix jumping at Saturday Nintendo (Indorado x Notaris)�and Eurocommerce Lanapoule (Indorado x Jasper)�competed. They both jumped clear and started in the jump-off. Both horses were clear again in the jump-off. Nintendo, ridden by Roelof Bril, became 2nd� and Eurocommerce Lanapoule, ridden by Gerco Schroder, became 4th.�Eurocommerce Lanapoule is bred by the VDL Stud.
On Sunday there was a good result by MacKinley (Goodwill x Nimmerdor), ridden by Rolf-Goran Bengstonn.�They became 5th in the World Cup class.�

In the dressage Gestion Lingh (Flemmingh x Columbus), ridden by Edward Gal, was very successful in the Grand Prix on Friday as well as in the World Cup on Saturday, both times they became 2nd place.

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