VDL Cardento Bronze Medal at Olympic Games

VDL Cardento (Capitol x Lord) and his rider Peter Erikson won, with the Swedish team,  the Bronze Medal at the Olympic games in Athene.

Sixteen teams competed in the Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre in Athene. In the first round on Tuesday morning VDL Cardento had only one down. Mac Kinley (Goodwill x Nimmerdor), ridden by Rolf-Goran Bengtsson was the only Swedish rider who was clear in the first round. After the first round the Swedish team was on the 3rd place together with  Belgium and Switzerland.

In the 2nd round VDL Cardento had one down and a stop, Peter Eriksson was very suprised because he had never done this before. Mac Kinley was clear again in the 2nd round and Sweden became the 2nd place together with the USA, both countries had a total of 20 points. This evolved into a jump-off between the two countries for the Silver and Bronze medal.

Both countries sent 3 riders into the jump-off. VDL Cardento had to start first in the jump-off and was clear in a fast time. Also the other 2 Swedish riders were clear. But also the USA riders were all clear and they had a faster time. With this result the Swedish team got the Bronze Medal.

VDL Cardento jumped over the 3 rounds very good and is now individual at the 28th place. The best 45 riders will compete in the finals on Friday. But unfortunally the Olympics will end for VDL Cardento with the Bronze team Medal, because only 3 riders of each country are allowed to compete at the individual final.

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