VDL Hold up Premier wins in Zuidlaren

VDL horses are very succesfull at  the International Horse Show of Zuidlaren.

VDL Hold up Premier (Narcos II x Quidam de Revel), ridden by Wout Jan van der Schans, won a 1.30 m class direcly on time on Friday.

VDL Oranta (Indorado x Nimmerdor), ridden by Angelique Hoorn, was 2nd in the 1.45 m class on Friday.

Broere VDL Pacific (Corland x Nimmerdor), ridden by Wout Jan van der Schans, has won the competition of 6-and 7-years old horses. 

VDL Orame (Indoctro x Ramiro), ridden by Jur Vrieling, made one time fault and became 13th in a 1.30 m class on Friday. On Saturday VDL Orame was 9th in a 1.50 m class. A very good result for this young stallion who competed only one time earlier in a 1.50 m class.

Broere VDL Arkansas (Acobat II x Silvio), ridden by Wout Jan van der Schans, was 7th in a 1.40 m class directly on time on Saturday.

On Sunday there was a international jumping competition of 1.40 m accumulator with no jump off. The gelding October (by Indoctro), ridden by Kevin van de Nieuwenhuizen was clear and became 6th in this class. VDL Orame became had also a clear round and became 25th. There were a lot of starters in this competition, 62 horses were competing. 

VDL Oranta and VDL Montreal were competing in the Grand Prix (1.60 m class) on Sunday. VDL Oranta did very well. She was clear with a very fast time and became 4th. VDL Montreal (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) had unfortunaltly the first fence down of the first round. He had with his rider Jur Vrieling the fastest time of the 4 faults horses and they became  11th.

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