Two Indoctro-sons in front at the Grand Prix of Wellington

In the Grand Prix of Wellington Casadora (Indoctro x Grannus) was starting with his rider Lauren Hough, they did very well and became the 8th place. VDL Oscar (Indoctro x Ahorn) was also competing in this class. VDL Oscar is bred by Family Kiestra from Terzool and owned by Sher Al Farm and the VDL Stud. VDL Oscar is ridden by Frankie Chesler and they became 10th. In another class he was one time 9th.

In the WEF Challenge Cup there were also good results by VDL offsprings. Lorenzo (by Good Times) and ridden by Anne Kursinski became 10th. Nadia (Indoctro x Wellington), ridden by Georgina Bloomberg became 11th. Nadia is bred by the Family Kroodsma from Dokkum. VDL Nuit de Pomme (Jus de Pomme X Wellington) ridden by Frankie Chesler was 11th in the WEF Challenge Cup Series Round. This horse is bred by the VDL-Stud and Wessels-Vetker.

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