Offspring of VDL Stallions high placed in NAWPN Top Ten USA

Several offspring of VDL stallions, who are bred in the USA, were high placed at the annual studbookinspection of the NAWPN in the USA. The NAWPN  stands for "North American Department, Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands", now known as "The Dutch Warmblood Studbook in North America". After all the inspections, who were organised in several places in the USA, the NAWPN is publishing a list with the horses who are placed in the Top Ten. American breeders who have used VDL stallions offspring were high placed in this Top Ten, the results are:

Two VDL bred mares tie for a first place at the Free Jumping Competition for mares: VIP (Corland x Indorado) and Unity (Orame x Nimmerdor). Both horses received the same scores. VIP is owned by M. Kearsley and was bred in Holland by W. Riezebos from Hattem. Katie Kuhn bought the mare Pamina VDL from the VDL Stud as an 1 year old mare. Breeding  this mare to VDL Orame has brought her now the nr. 1 jumper of the USA. Other good results in the free jumping class for mares:
* 3rd place by
Vibrant LPR (Orame x Wellington), bred and owned by Nancy Debosek. Vibrant LPR is bred out of the mare Pasandra, who is bred by mr. W. Wiersma from Wommels. Vibrant LPR also became 4th in the Top Ten of Conformation.
* 7th place by Veda (Indoctro x Nimmerdor), bred and owned by Katie Kuhn. 

* 10th place by Taranita (Corland x Equador), owned by Dominic & Allison Rappucci and bred by B. van Gerestijn.

Winner of the Dressage-IBOP tests of the NAWPN Studbook was the 5-years old mare Tola (Flemmingh x Argus). Tola also became titled 'KEUR' and  was also winner of the dressage competition: the DG Bar Cup of the 5-years old horses. Tola is owned by mrs. Julie Haralson Ballard and bred by O. Veltman from Harich. 

Winner of the jumping-IBOP tests was Vincent DG (Indoctro x Contender). Vincent DG is owned by H. and E. Bosma, Oakwood Stables and bred by the DG Bar breeders from California. Vincent DG also received the 3rd place in the Overall Top Ten of the IBOP tests.

Second place in the DG Bar Cup for 3-years old horses was Vision (Goodtimes x Havidoff), owned by Anne Schmidt and bred by A. van Oerle from Panninge. Vision also received an 3rd place in the movement class for geldings. The Flemmingh-gelding Ubetja became 4th in the DG Bar CUP of the 4-years old horses and was also 3rd  in the movement class for geldings. Ubetje is owned by Nancy Fair and bred by James & Joanne Cunningham.

Vision was also placed in the Free jumping class for geldings, 3rd in this class became Virtuoso (Orame x Vosmaer). Virtuoso is owned by Gillian van Muyden and bred by Paula Wickson Brito.

In the class of the foals was an equal 9th place for Akina Field CBF and At the Moment. Akina Field CBF (Goodtimes x Corland) is owned and bred by Waino Phil and Susan Taylor out of the mare Pikina Field, who is owned by fam. Koerhuis from Dalfsen. At the Moment (Royal Prince x Orame) is owned and bred by Dominic & Allison Rappucci.

In the class of the Yearlings was a 3rd place for Zalig (Navarone x Accord II), owned and bred by Kathy Hickerson. Zalig comes out of the mare Larinette, who is born and raised at the VDL Stud. There was a 7th place in this class for Zoe (Goodtimes x Wanroij), owned and bred by Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Jimenez.

The Goodtimes-colt Winfield became the winner of the class of the 2-years old horses. Winfield is owned and bred by Waino Phil and Susan Taylor out of the mare Rarusa H, who is bred in Holland by the fam. Hazenberg from Opende. Second became Wisdom MVS (Farrington x Flemmingh), owned and bred by Mark and Jackie Eckhaus. Wisdom MVS is out of ther mare Lumara, who is bred in Holland by the fam. Agema from Noordhorn.



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