VDL Empire approved in Sweden

VDL Empire (Emilion x Larome) is this weekend approved by the Swedish Studbook. VDL Empire was succesfull here in Holland, he was with Robert Vos Dutch Champion of the 4-years old stallions and this year he became 2nd in the total ranking of the Stallioncompetition. In Sweden VDL Empire will continue his breeding and sport career, he will be riden by Niklas Arvitson and is stationed at the Penarpsgarden Stud of Mrs. Lene Nissen-Lembke: www.penarpsgarden.com. The Penarpsgarden Stud became famous of stallions like Mowgli, Tublin Rose, Almeto and Cagliostro.

There was also a son of Prestige who became approved by the Swedish Studbook: Phentagon. Phentagon received a 8 for type, an 8 for walk, a 9 for trot and a 9 for canter. Phentagon is bred by Mrs. Petra Ovall from Sweden.

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