Good results for VDL Stallions

 There were some nice international results again for VDL stallions and for offspring of VDL stallions.

Jur Vrieling and VDL Emmerton (Emilion x Nimmerdor) became the 6th place in the Grand Prix of Drammen in Norway. VDL Emmerton was clear in this Grand Prix but had 1 time fault. The 8 years old stallion is bred by the fam. van der Meer from Surhuisterveen.

VDL Cardento (Capitol I x Lord ) and VDL Al Cantino (Ahorn x Landgraf) were competing with their rider Peter Erikson at the International Horse Show of Nortern-Hardenberg in Germany. With good results: VDL Cardento became 4th in the Championat of Nortern-Hardenberg. VDL Al Cantino was one time 4th and one time 9th, a very good result for this 8 years old stallion. Christian Ahlmann was winning a 1.35 m class with the daughter of Cardento: Candy.

The Indoctro-son Rowan, ridden by Alexa Weeks was winning a 1.35 m class at the International Horse Show of Monaco. They were also one time 7th and one time 8th in the 1.35 m classes. Rowan was last year Champion of the Eastern Leaugue of USA of the 7 years old jumpers. Rowan is bred by fam. van der Woerd from Holland.

In the Grand Prix of Meise was a 2nd place for Odoctro v't Vitseroel, a 10 years old son of Indoctro ridden by Christophe VanderHasselt. This combination was also 2 times 3rd in Meise. The Corland-mare Silvana, ridden by Perry Geryl, became 5th in the final of the 6 & 7 years old jumphorses.

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