VDL Artic and VDL Seawolf winning in Meppel

There were good results by VDL horses and by offspring of VDL Stallions at the International Horse Show of Meppel:

VDL Artic (by Indoctro) and Jur Vrieling won 2 classes in Meppel, he was winning the final of the 1.35 m class and won a 1.40m m class. Also with VDL Seawolf (by Indorado) Jur Vrieling was winning , with this 7 years old horse he won a 1.35 m class, this combination was also one time 4th in a 1.35 m class.

In the Grand Prix of Meppel there was a 3rd place for Richmond Hill (by Indoctro), ridden by Masn Buurmans. There was a 6th place in this Grand Prix for Nathalie van der Mei with Heechhiems Springtime (by Indorado). Heechhiem's Springtime was also one time the winner of a 1.35 m class.

The approved stallion Sydney (by Goodtimes) was one time 3rd and one time 10th in the class for 6 and 7 years old horses.

Bylou (by Glennridge), ridden by Marleen Bruggink was 2nd in the final of the 1.35 m class. 

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