Flemmingh passed away

On Sunday afternoon our preferent stallion Flemmingh has passed away. Through an old injury the health of Flemmingh went down very fast, therefore we decided together with our veterinarian to let him pass away. With this we, and the dressage breeders, loose a valuable stallion.

Flemmingh was a world famous breeding stallion, he is the father of many champions, famous championmares are Likina Field, Kevanie and Kwebbel. Daughters of Flemmingh are proving themselves in breeding. In sport his offspring are performing very well at the National and International Dressage Shows. His most famous offspring are the approved stallions Krack C and Lingh, who are competing at the highest level.
Another famous offspring is Regent, who won the Individual and Team Gold Medal at the Pan American Games this year.

Frozen semen of Flemmingh is still available.

Flemmingh 'Preferent'

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