VDL Orame 4th in the Derby at CSI Eindhoven

VDL Orame (by Indoctro), ridden by Jur Vrieling was 4th in the Derby mixed competition. 

The Indoctro-son Medoc has won a 1.35m two phases competition with his rider Inge van den Bosch.
The Indoctro-son Pompidou, ridden by Juan Andres Rodriguez was 9th in this competition.

The Corland-son Sensation, ridden by Suzanne tepper has won a 1.35m competition against the clock.
The Indoctro-son Richmond Hill, ridden by Tim Hoster was 7th in the same competition. Richmond Hill was also 9th in a 1.35m competition against the clock.

VDL Emmerton (by Emilion), ridden by Jur Vrieling was 2nd in a 1.50m mixed competition.


The Corland-son Sir Corland, ridden by Wout-Jan van der Schans was 6th in a 1.40m mixed competition.
The Corland-son Moon Raker d'Utah, ridden by Connie Bull was 7th in another 1.40m mixed competition.



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