Westpoint-foal Dubai Champion at Foal Show Tolbert

 Good results for offspring of VDL Stallions at the young foal show of Tolbert. Champion of this foal show of the dressage foals became the son of Westpoint: Dubai. Dubai is bred and owned by A. malda from Blija.

Also offspring of the young VDL stallions Zirocco Blue, Zavall and Zapatero VDL were Succesfull, All 3 stallions had one offspring in the Championsring and are selected to go to the National Foal hampionship, these are the foals:
Dialondria (by Zapatero), bred by D. Sinnema from Hijum;
Darlinde DN (by Zavall), bred by D. Noordhuis from Wijster;
Diesonnevanck V (by Zirocco Blue), bred by E. Veenstra from Nuis;
Desperado VDL (by Zirocco Blue), bred by the VDL Stud;
Denychin Ryal K (by Chin Chin), bred by mr. Kazemier from Oldekerk;

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