Navarone and Farrington approved for BWP

Good news from America from Kathy Hickerson about the stallions Farrington and Navarone: 

Farrington, Navarone and Schroeder approved Belgian Warmblood (BWP)_
We at a great day at the beautiful Swept Away Farm in Newport NH.  Kezie and  Robert
Mendoza, along with Jody and Steve Potter were gracious hosts for the inspection.  We arrived
with the 2 trailers with the 3 stallions.  This was the first time we took the Dutch stallion
Farrington (Wellington x Doruto) off the farm since he was imported 3 years ago.  Phil Silva from
Ten Broeck farm trailered him for us and handled that day.  Phil was thrilled at how easy Farrington
was to trailer and handle.   As many of you know, Farrington broke his hind leg in a tragic stall accident
as a 5 year old and is the only KWPN stallion to received his Keur status on his offspring alone.  He
produces top horses that easily go Grand Prix in Dressage.  I think Phil knows why now and he was
very surprised at his big movement and his front legs way out in front oh him during the trot.  Even with his
slight handicap behind, he moves uphill and with power.  I always think about Farrington, had he
not broke his leg as a youngster, he would have been an Olympic horse for sure, but I would not
have had him at my farm.  Farrington received his BWP approval with the highest score of the 3
stallions; an 83.  The judges noted "still a good mover".  He received for Topline, head, neck
and frame a 9, legs, shoulder and hindquarter  7.5, walk 8, trot 9.5, overall impression 9.5.
Farrington is 21 years old this year and he looks the same as when he was young.  Thanks to VDL
Stud for giving us and everyone the opportunity to have him here for fresh cooled breedings.  I think
everyone who has had one of his offspring/foals knows how special he is as a sire.

Navarone (Jus de Pomme x Armstrong) our KWPN Dutch approved stallion was easy as usual
and thrilled everyone at his fantastic free jumping.  He has not jumped in several years, but when
you have natural talent, it never goes away.  He really enjoyed showing off for the audience.  You can
see some video of his free jumping on his web page at  Navarone was also
approved BWP

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