Good results for VDL offspring

The Ahorn-son Sambuca, ridden by Anette Willems, won the 1.45 class. The second place was for Koala du Peret, also by Ahorn,  ridden by Gerfried Puck. In another 1.35 class Koala du Peret placed 5th.
 Jur Vrieling placed third in the puissance class with the Ahorn-son Alwin Z.  

Suzanne Tepper won the 1.35 class with Sensation (by Corland). In the 1.40 class this combination placed 7th.
With the Indoctro-son Vedette, Suzanne placed 4th and 9th in the 6/7 year old class.

In the 1.45 class the Emilion-son Primeur S,  ridden by Peter Bulthuis,  placed third. In the same class Sambuca (Ahorn) ridden by Anette Willems placed 8th.

At CSI Vigo there was a 4th place in the Grand Prix for the Jus de Pomme offspring Ulysse, ridden by Pius Swizer. In the 1.50 class they placed 2nd. In the Grand Prix Worldcup the Indorado-son Eurocommerce Milano placed 8th.
In the 1.45 class the Jus de Pomme offspring Abbervail van het Dingeshof,  ridden by Dennis Lynch placed 9th. In the 1.50 class they placed 10th.
The Corland-son Roland, ridden by Tim Stockdale, placed 6th in the 1.45 class.

The Indoctro-son Calgary, ridden by Paolo Mencolini,  placed 7th at the Grand Prix of CSI San Lazzaro di Savena.

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