VDL Orame wins Six Bars in Leszno

Jur Vrieling and the stallions VDL Orame, VDL Wittinger and VDL Emmerton were very successful at the CSI of Leszno in Poland.

VDL Orame won the Six Bars in Leszno by jumping over a fence of 2.00m. For Orame this was the 7th in a row (out of 8 comeptitions) that he won a Six Bars competitions.

VDL Emmerton placed 8th in the Grand Prix and 4th in a 1.45m class.

VDL Wittinger competedin the young horses classes for 6-and 7 years old jumpers. This was his first international competition and he did very well, he made 3 clear rounds. 

Other good results in Leszno were:
- Koala du Prelet (by Ahorn), ridden by Gerfried Puck, won a 1.35m class;
- Robin (by Indocro), ridden by Nichale Kasmierczak, placed 7th in the Grand Prix
- Vedette (by Indoctro), ridden by Suzanne Tepper, placed 4th and 8th in the young horses class.
- Pomme Lady (by Jus de Pomme), ridden By Mark Jespers,  placed 2nd in the Six Bars.

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